Clothing is About

Not Being Afraid to get Down and Dirty!

I went to a farm last weekend. We were going to be riding horses, weeding in the fields, splashing in the local water hole, hiking hilly paths and axing logs. I had to have clothing that would endure the wear and tear of the day, but also look good if Daisy Dukes came prancing by.


If I wore city clothes I would be timidly avoiding puddles, opening the fence gate instead of gleefully jumping over. I wouldn’t be getting down on my hands and knees to pull weeds from the dirt, but shyly picking stems that were most accessible.


Long hair, don’t care.

Appropriate wear, don’t care.


You can’t plan for everything that will happen.

I scrapped my knee and had to get patched up during the hike, but you can prepare. My clothes held strong, kept me comfortable, endured the dirt and exertion and I looked good all day, no matter if I was crystal clean or marginally muddy – okay I was entirely muddy. But you get the point.


S4 clothing. So appropriate for the day.

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